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Breastfeeding to Support Your Body Workshop with Elayne

Breastfeeding for your body.

Breastfeeding is an experience that is unique to each individual mother – whether it’s just for the first couple of weeks, or for years, breast feeding can affect your body beyond your breasts in many different ways. 

Most babies nurse every two hours – sometimes more – at least for the first few months. Poor posture during a feeding can add up over time and eventually lead to aches and pains, including:

  • —upper back pain
  • —neck pain
  • —tingling in the hands and arms
  • —carpal tunnel-type symptoms
  • —low back pain

This October, Elayne Geba, a pelvic floor therapist and mother, will be presenting Breastfeeding to Support Your Body. This workshop is designed to help moms get in the best nursing position for their body.

In this workshop Elayne will address topics including:

  • —proper baby positioning the help improve your posture and prevent overuse of certain muscles
  • —exercises to strengthen certain muscle groups to support your breastfeeding position
  • —our recommended bra supports to use while breast feeding
  • —recognizing clogged ducts
  • —understanding the difference between breast tenderness vs. mastitis
  • —how to treat all of the aches and pains that can be caused by or exacerbated by breast feeding positions

Elayne is a pelvic floor therapist with over 14 years of experience working with pregnant and postpartum women. 

This workshop is meant to be a supplement to a traditional breastfeeding class. It is designed for both pregnant women and breastfeeding moms of all ages and at all stages of their breastfeeding journey. 

  • What: Breastfeeding to Support Your Body
  • When: Thursday, October 24  7-9pm
  • Hosted by: Elayne Geba
  • Investment: $40
  • Where: Rebalance Physical Therapy, 319 Price Street, Narberth, PA
  • Register: Click here or call 267.282.1301 to register

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