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I’ve been through so many physical therapists and stopped at Hina years ago because she was the only one who has helped my mobility and chronic pain improve. I’ve been going to her for years ever since and has made a tremendous impact in my life. She’s helped me through so many flare ups and continues to view my body from a holistic perspective, which has helped me pinpoint nutritional deficiencies in the past that was contributing. She really takes the time to help me understand what she feels is going on and why, but also will help with a plan to move forward. It feels good to have found a PT as skilled and educated as Hina that I can trust will always help after each appt. I highly recommend her!!


I highly recommend the staff and practices of Rebalance Physical Therapy. After presenting with symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis for other 10 months, I decided to try internal physical therapy work to try to calm some of the unpleasant side effects of the condition. I was shocked when within 2-3 weeks the key symptoms started to subside. I’m about six appointments in and have noticed continuous improvement.


I have been a long time patient of Hina and the Rebalance team. They have helped me enormously with back, neck and Knee issues. Manual physical therapy is the only way to go. I even got coaching on how to do yoga with my limitations. There is nothing like this on the main line. I feel very lucky to have found Rebalance.


I’m so grateful for Rebalance and the healing that has happened through these ladies and their care of me. After struggling with various issues after having children and chronic pain, I found whole body healing in many areas and have just had another baby! I will be eternally grateful and recommend them whole heartedly.


I have been to MANY physical therapists in my lifetime…MANY. Some were good, some not so good. None of them compare to Hina and her staff at Rebalance Physical Therapy! I had been unable to put weight on my left leg for 5 years. I was terrified I would never again be able to be even moderately active! I had seen other physical therapists and doctors who simply said “just stretch it” or “just strengthen it. Neither of those brought any relief. Hina went beyond. She persisted in trying to figure out what was going on. It turned out that I had a partially torn hamstring tendon the whole time. My leg is now 85% better because of her! She never gave up on me! If you go to Rebalance Physical Therapy you can be sure they will continue to search to solutions to help you become better! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They are DEFINITELY a cut above the rest!


Rebalance Physical Therapy & Wellness completely changed my life! I was living with chronic pelvic pain when I started going to regular physical therapy sessions, and I was completely blown away by the expertise, compassion, and professionalism of this team. It was amazing to find healing here after years of being told there was no solution for what was thought to be something essentially just “in my head”. Pelvic floor physical therapy is “magic” and Hina’s team is the BEST!


Hina is above and beyond amazing. She has been helping me with an unconventional issue for her practice and I could not be more grateful. She tacks on time at the end of her day to see me…how accommodating is that? Absolutely incredible and I cannot recommend her enough.


While they are not covered by insurance, it is well worth the fee to regain some of your own personal freedoms back. Thank you so much to the staff for your compassion, kindness, and professionalism.


Rebalance Physical Therapy is nothing less than amazing! Due to knee and hip issues, I have done countless sessions of physical therapy at countless places over the last 20 years. It wasn’t until I started with Rebalance PT that I started to see real results. Hina and her team are true partners in my health. They work with me on how to build muscles, find the cause of the pain, as well as the treatments like deep tissue massage, dry needling, cold laser and other treatments. Every session is a dedicated hour of attention, not someone occasionally “checking in” while I am exercising. I have found true healing at Rebalance PT!

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