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About Us

Our Philosophy

Why did you name the Practice Rebalance?

I named our practice Rebalance because Imbalance is the root of any issue in the body. These imbalances are everything from the muscles, joints, fascia to what you eat, nutritional habits, the amount of exercise, sleep and mind body relaxation you get on a daily basis. Healing the body starts by rebalancing yourself on all these levels from head to toe and inside out. Our bodies should function like a beautifully symphony…every organ, muscle, joint cell in our body should work in harmony to create a masterpiece we call function and living. If there is imbalance in this system then our performance is compromised and pain sets in.

We are our clients partner in helping to restore this harmonious balance in the body….hence the name Rebalance. Our vision is for every person we contact to be educated and empowered to create this lifestyle for themselves.

What made you create rebalance?

Rebalance was born out of the frustration I was having with the current medical insurance based model. Unfortunately majority of medical models are geared toward treating symptoms. We are given quick fixes such excess medications and surgical interventions that could have been avoided if a conservative therapy from knowledgable and skilled therapists was recommended or sought out.

What makes Rebalance different?

What makes Rebalance different is that we look at the person as a whole. Our bodies function as a whole so why are we looked at so often in pieces and treated in pieces. We really listen to the client and try to connect all the pieces of their past and present injuries or dysfunctions and try to connect it together to get a clear picture of their current problem. We use our hands to evaluate and assess from everything from the the soft tissue (which is the fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments) to the joints. We look at the efficiency of the body and look for the area of breakdown in performance.

100% One-on-One Manual Therapy

Although we are a specialty practice for treatment of chronic orthopedic, spine, sacroiliac, hip and pelvic floor disorders, many clients see us for preventative bodywork to improve flexibility, energy, strength and reduce future injuries. Many of our clients have already seen a number of practitioners of health however their problems have either not improved or they felt that their treatments were incomplete. What makes us different from other practices is that we are a completely 100% manual therapy practice. At Rebalance Physical Therapy, you will receive a thorough evaluation of your condition with a holistic approach. Clients are surprised to receive such a comprehensive evaluation because often their injuries have been viewed in parts and therefore have failed traditional treatment. We also realize that part of the healing process is also knowing when and who to refer to when injuries need a more comprehensive appraoch, therefor we have teamed up with the best and caring physicians and health care providers to collaborate care.

Our success comes from in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system, refined manual skills and commitment to give the best and most innovative care possible in a relaxed, stress-free environment. Our refreshing approach to therapy will help you feel positive and energized about treating your condition. Your concerns will be heard and together we will create individualized goals to improve your function and life, without injuries wearing you down. We are constantly researching and incorporating proven modalities and manual techniques to help your condition. Your treatment will consist of manual techniques to improve joint mobility, connective tissue, fascia, muscle and postural alignment. We will then educated you on how to perform corrective exercises and stretches to maintain what changes you have gained. You will never be left alone to simply perform repetitive exercises among a group of other patients. You will be re-assessed at every visit and your exercises reviewed to make sure you are performing them correctly.

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your body and help you be as active as you can be by providing individualized, evidence-based physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
~ Chinese Proverb

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