Founder & Practicioner

Hina Sheth is the owner and practitioner of Rebalance Physical Therapy. She is a board certified physical therapist specializing in orthopedics including spine and pelvic floor rehabilitation. She is an orthopedic clinical specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association and a manual certified therapist through the University of St. Augustine.

Hina received her bachelors in Liberal Arts and Science from the University of Florida in 1998 and her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in 2000. Shortly after graduating, she moved to New York City where she specialized in orthopedics and sports injury with an emphasis on spine and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

She moved to Philadelphia in 2004 where she started training as a pelvic floor specialist at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked closely with renowned physicians, mentored and trained junior staff. She assisted in teaching physical therapy students at Arcadia University. She also developed an eclectic approach to treatment integrating various manual techniques with Yoga and Pilates. She continues to work closely with some of the best physicians throughout the Philadelphia health care systems and surrounding suburbs. She lectures several times throughout the year at Temple, University of Pennsylvania, Hahnemann/Drexel/ Lankenau, Thomas Jefferson Hospitals on spinal dysfunction and pelvic pain and the holistic model of dysfunction and treatment.

In addition to her impressive qualifications and accomplishments, Hina is an accomplished speaker. She gave a TEDx talk in 2022, where she discussed the importance of increasing awareness about genital and pelvic pain, which affects a significant number of men and women, yet has little community and healthcare awareness. This Tedx can be found on YouTube ( and has received widespread acclaim. Her ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible and engaging way makes her a sought-after speaker and a valuable asset to the physical therapy community.

Hina participated in an NIH research study in 2008 on Interstitial Cystitis and Physical Therapy treatment, which was the catalyst in putting pelvic floor therapy on the map for pelvic pain intervention. She has also co-authored chapters in several urogynecologic manuals on pelvic pain and is an exam writer for the American Physical Therapy Association’s women’s health exam. She has mentored with some of the best and world-renowned spine, sacroiliac joint manual therapists including Stanley Paris, Mark Laslett, Diane Lee, and Linda Joy Lee. She is constantly pursuing her craniosacral therapy coursework to further enhance her manual therapy skills.

Hina is an active member of the National Vulvadynia Association, International Pelvic Pain Society, American Physical Therapy Association, and Interstitial Cystitis Network.

Outside of Rebalance, Hina loves to spend quality time with her husband, three kids, and her dog Rooney. Her ideal way to spend an evening is entertaining close friends, enjoying great food and wine. She is also a lover of travel, skiing, and photography and is a self-help junkie.


Kimberly Le is a highly knowledgeable and passionate physical therapist who has dedicated her career to helping individuals improve their overall physical health and well-being. Kimberly obtained her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University, where she discovered her passion for promoting nutritional wellness, physical fitness, and cultural diversity through involvement with various student organizations such as the food co-op, running club, and Asian student associations.

Later, she went on to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University and developed a keen interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Her inspiration for specializing in this area stemmed from observing the profound difference physical therapy made in the lives of individuals experiencing chronic pelvic pain, as well as pregnant and postpartum mothers.

Kimberly’s passion for treating a wide range of conditions is evident in her unwavering commitment to addressing pelvic floor dysfunction associated with female sexual pain, vulvo/vestibulodynia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, pudendal neuralgia, and male pelvic pain. Her interest in treating orthopedic issues extends beyond these areas, as she specializes in spine, core, sacroiliac joint, and hip-related issues.

With her extensive training from the Herman & Wallace Institute and Postural Restoration Institute, Kimberly is well-equipped to provide top-quality care to her patients. She is also certified in dry needling.

Apart from her work, Kimberly is an avid runner, barre enthusiast, hiker, and enjoys other outdoor activities. She also loves cooking and exploring restaurants and coffee shops. She has a keen interest in plants and gardening as well.

What sets Kimberly apart from other physical therapists is her exceptional ability to care for her patients on both a physical and mental level. She is passionate about the role that exercise plays in promoting overall health and well-being, and she is committed to helping her patients not just overcome their physical limitations but also improve their mental health.

With her empathetic nature, Kimberly is able to connect with her patients on a deeper level, which allows her to tailor her treatments to their individual needs.

Overall, Kimberly Le is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist who is committed to helping her patients achieve optimal health and wellness through movement, exercise, and therapy.


Meet Christine, a licensed physical therapist who received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Scranton. While she enjoys helping patients with a variety of orthopedic issues such as low back, hip, and ankle pain, her true passion lies in providing support for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

After completing her studies, Christine gained experience in a number of different physical therapy settings. It wasn’t until she experienced pregnancy and motherhood firsthand that she found her true calling in pelvic floor rehabilitation. With two children of her own, Christine knows how overwhelming the postpartum period can be, and she is dedicated to providing the support and care that women need during this time.

As a pelvic floor specialist, Christine has a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor, as well as the changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum. She is committed to helping women regain their physical and emotional well-being through hands-on treatment, including manual therapy and exercise therapy, as well as education on proper body mechanics.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Christine is known for her warm, compassionate approach to patient care. She believes that building personal connections with her patients is key to helping them achieve their goals, and she enjoys being their cheerleader every step of the way. Her patients appreciate her ability to provide not only physical but also mental support throughout their journey to healing.

When Christine isn’t working with patients, she loves to travel and spend time at the beach with her family. Originally from Northern New Jersey, she has been living just outside of Philadelphia for the past 7 years and is proud to be part of the local physical therapy community.

At our clinic, we are thrilled to have Christine on our team of expert physical therapists. Whether you are experiencing pelvic pain, orthopedic issues, or are in need of postpartum support, Christine is here to help you regain your strength and confidence.


Meet Nick, our esteemed physical therapist, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team at Rebalance Physical Therapy Office. With over 8 years of experience, Nick graduated from LaSalle University with a degree in Biology and pursued his passion for physical therapy at Arcadia University, where he received his PT degree.

Nick’s focus in PT sets him apart from others in the field. He is a barefoot rehab specialist and has a keen interest in fascial connections. He treats all orthopedic conditions, but his favorite area to work with is the lower quarter, specifically the low back, hip, and knee. His dedication to barefoot rehab is reflected in the courses he has taken, including SFMA, Maitland, and Graston.

Outside of work, Nick is a proud husband and father. He enjoys spending time with his family, running in the Wissahickon Valley Park, and exploring the great outdoors. Nick’s passion lies in working with runners and helping them achieve their goals.

What motivates Nick is his belief that natural movement is medicine, and he enjoys reconnecting people with it through movement. He was born to help others, and he finds fulfillment in assisting his patients in returning to the things they love.

At Rebalance Physical Therapy Office, we are fortunate to have Nick on our team, and we are confident that he will provide exceptional care to all of our patients. With his dedication to providing exceptional care and his passion for helping patients achieve their goals, Nick is an invaluable member of our team.

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