Yoga for Hip Preservation: Avoid Injury and work with the Hip You Have

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Do you have bursitis, groin pain, general hip pain, lower pelvic pain or abdominal pain?

All of these are symptoms of hip instability. Hip instability is caused by two things: either the hip joint is in a bad position or the muscles are not strong enough to hold the joint in a healthy place.

Yoga is a great tool to treat hip instability

To treat hip instability, the combination of yoga with physical therapy is a great recipe for success! Yoga postures can bring awareness of the optimal position of the joint and build good muscle control to support the joint.

Join Stephanie for Medical Therapeutic Yoga for Hip Stability.

This workshop is designed for men and women suffering from hip pain and instability and is open to all levels of practitioners, from brand new beginners to seasoned practitioners. The class will focus on beneficial yoga postures to help build hip stability.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga uses yoga as the rehabilitation tool. It goes hand-in-hand with Rebalance’s integrative approach to healing. It builds a strong bridge between your rehab and your fitness goals.

In the class Stephanie will explain:

  • –How to maintain safe positions for your hip joint during yoga practice
  • –Learn how to modify movements to personalize your yoga practice to help meet your specific needs
  • –Learn how using props can improve your yoga practice and protect your hip
  • –Leave the workshop with strategies for daily self practice to build hip strength
  • –Incorporate techniques from class into your daily activity so your yoga practice helps your movement every day and your everyday movements help your yoga practice
  • WHAT: Yoga for Hip Stability presented by Stephanie Muntzer
  • WHERE: Rebalance Physical Therapy, 319 Price Ave, Narberth, PA
  • WHEN: Thursday, May 30, 7-9:00 PM
  • REGISTER: Contact us at 267.282.1301 or

Please bring your own yoga props (blankets, blocks and/or a strap)!

About Stephanie: Stephanie is a level 2 Medical Therapeutic Yoga practitioner as well as an advanced orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist. For her full bio, click here.

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