June is National Men’s Health Awareness month. When we think of men’s health, we often think of issues like prostate health, prostate cancer prevention and cardiovascular health. However, there are also other issues of men’s health that can be overlooked or go untreated because practitioners may not recognize that male pelvic floor dysfunction is contributing to the symptoms.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Men

At Rebalance, we often get asked questions related to women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction, but did you know that pelvic pain can be a common problem for men as well? This can manifest itself with pain in the hip, belly, pelvis or back, but also with symptoms of prostatitis.

Did you know:

Prostatitis and Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The form of prostatitis that is related to pelvic muscle dysfunction is called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Because it is not a disease, it can manifest itself in different ways with overlapping causes. In addition to pelvic pain and mirroring symptoms of prostatitis, it can manifest itself in the following symptoms:

Unresolved pain in the abdomen, groin, legs and/or back that follow workouts or heavy lifting may also be tell-tale signs that there is a pelvic floor issue for men. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms or think that you may be experiencing pelvic floor issues, contact us here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss treatment.

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