Myth: Pain With Sitting is Caused by the Pudendal Nerve

Pain with Sitting

There’s a common misconception that the pudendal nerve is the culprit behind any pain with sitting for prolonged periods of time. While it’s possible that the pudendal nerve is the cause, there are other factors/conditions that might be causing pain with sitting. 

What is the Pudendal Nerve?

The pudendal nerve is located in the pelvis. It comes down the underside of the pelvis and gives you sensations throughout the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. Sitting can cause compressions in the nerve, which can trigger pain.

However, just because you have pain with sitting does not mean you have pudendal neuralgia. 

Pelvic Floor and Pain with Sitting

Pain with sitting can also be caused by the pelvic floor muscles that line the bowl of the pelvis. When the pelvic floor musculature is tight, it can cause pain and irritation with sitting as well as other problems. Tight pelvic floor muscles can also constrict around the pudendal nerve and compress and irritate the nerve. 

Treatment for Pain with Sitting

If you’re having pain with sitting, many people don’t need surgery. But one of the biggest thing you need is physical therapy to improve the tensioning in the pelvic floor muscles. Releasing the tension in the pelvic floor muscles can help bring you relief from pain after prolonged periods of sitting. 

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