Telehealth for Pelvic Floor: What to Expect

I know what you’re thinking: How can someone do a TeleHealth for Pelvic Floor without coming into our clinic? 

Even through Telehealth, there are ways to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. Here are some of the ways Rebalance’s pelvic floor physical therapists have been  helping some of our pelvic floor clients at home to try to help them either maintain, progress and eliminate the pelvic floor symptoms that they’re having. 

Treating Pelvic Floor During a Telehealth Visit

At Rebalance, we always try to educate our patients about what’s going on in their body and how to do their own work at home. During a Telehealth, you have the opportunity to learn more about your condition and body as we talk you through the process. 

The pelvic floor muscles are no different than any other muscle in the body. In the same way that you can treat an orthopedic issue, you can also treat the pelvic floor muscles. To get started, you can use props, things you haves your home and your own breath. 

Releasing the Pelvic Floor with your Breath:

Here is a simple release that you can do for your own pelvic floor:

  1. 1. Get into a squat position and breathe in and out. 
  2. 2. As you breath in, think about your sit bones widening. You will feel your pelvic floor muscles opening right between your sit bones and that saddle region. 

This is a simple way through breath work that we can teach our clients how to release their pelvic floor muscles. 

Using Tools and Props for Pelvic Floor Treatment

There are also tools you can use to release these muscles yourself, in addition to all the other musculature that plays a big role in the alignment of your pelvis, which affects your pelvic floor. 

Some tools we might use include:

  • —trigger point release ball
  • —foam rollers
  • —chair
  • —yoga mat and yoga strap

Using this we’ll teach you:

  • –How to improve your own alignment
  • –How to improve your inner core
  • –How to release these muscles internally yourself.

All of this can be done through a TeleHealth visit. 

Telehealth and Pelvic Pain Programs

We offer Telehealth for Pennsylvania state residents. To schedule or for more information, contact us here. 

For those of you who are out of state, anyone who would like to know more about how to navigate this, we have created an online program where you can take yourself through a self-evaluation and learn to work on all of these muscles yourself. 

Learn more about Rebalance’s Female Pelvic Pain Solution and Male Pelvic Pain Solution programs.

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