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The Female Pelvic Pain Solution (Sales Page)

Welcome to The Female Pelvic Pain Solution!

Ready to get your symptoms under control?

Then watch this video or scroll below.

If you are on this page then we know you have been SUFFERING for weeks, months and for many of you…YEARS!!!

We know how FRUSTRATING it has been dealing with this issue that seemed to come out of NOWHERE….how doctors and other health care professionals are have you seen and you have NO IDEA why you are feeling this way!!!

If you lucky then perhaps you did meet a few health care providers that gave you a diagnosis or some understanding of what is going on.

We know MANY of you are feeling like you are running in CIRCLES, CONFUSED, possibly FEARFUL that your issues will NEVER resolve because no one knows what is going on.


That’s because everything I am saying is what we hear EVERYDAY in our clinic and also on all the calls I have with people just like you.

How do I know these things?

Well because I have been treated hundreds of clients, LIKE YOU, with SUCCESS!

You have most likely suffering from a condition called chronic pelvic pain syndrome that involves your pelvic floor muscles and WE CAN HELP!

So if you have any or many of the following symptoms…THEN you can’t afford to let this keep going UNRESOLVED! Believe me it will NOT magically disappear (even though I know many of you hope it will)…

– Vaginal/vulvar pain, tightness, pressure
– Rectal pain, pressure, tightness
– Lower abdominal pain, pressure, tightness
– Rectal, tailbone, buttock pain, pressure, tightness
– Urinary pain, hesitation, frequency, burning, spasming
– Pain or tightness with bowel movements
– Pain with sitting in the buttock or saddle region
– Pain during or after intercourse
– Clothing intolerance
– Sharp, shooting, stabbing pain around the groin, hip, low back and pelvis

I am Hina Sheth, orthopedic and pelvic floor therapist, with over 20 years of experience treating these symptoms with significant success and now we have developed an at HOME PROGRAM, using tools that we teach our own clients to help them reduce and eliminate symptoms.

Our program helps you understand your condition and get you to get control of your symptoms with just 15-20 minutes per day for 6 weeks with over 40 videos!


I had a telehealth appointment with Hina months ago.

I suggest anyone who is experiencing pelvic ( or butt ) pain to schedule an appointment with Hina.

Since Hina is in PA and I am in MA, I could only schedule a telehealth appointment with her.

I have been suffering with butt pain, unable to sit or drive for any length of time for almost a year. This pain has been debilitating and I have had to miss a lot of work. I was not even sure what I was suffering from. I could not get a clear diagnosis from anyone.

Hina encouraged me to stay positive and proactive. She suggested ways to calm my pelvic floor and she suggested I find an internal PT that specialized in Pelvic floor pain.

She said to tell this PT that I needed mindfulness, massage, and relaxing exercises,not strengthening core exercises. I am now working with a pelvic floor specialist in my area, getting an MRI of my sacrum/ pelvic floor area next week, and finally in a little less pain. I refer back to my three pages of notes from my meeting with Hina all the time. Thank goodness for people like Hina.

I have faith now that I will be able to get better one day at time.
My appointment with Hina Sheth was very informative. She was able to offer me some new information and also confirm some things that I had been told. 

It is a very frustrating journey and to speak to someone who understands what you are doing through is very comforting.  I appreciate being able to talk to someone even with such a distance barrier.   We spoke about a couple of therapists in my area and she was going to email me with those names and some additional information about her program. 

I have not received an email from her since our conversation Monday a week ago. If she could send me the additional information, it would be greatly appreciated.
I would like to say that this program was amazing for me. The videos explaining what is going on and all the things I could do was life changing. Interstitial cystitis is a hard condition to diagnose and get proper help. I did your program religiously for 2 months until I could find a therapist in my region in Canada. I made copies and notes of the exercises incase I got another bad flare up . Thank you so much for the help

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