Meet the Rebalance Team: Stephanie Muntzer, MPT, CPI


This week we continue to highlight our talented physical therapists here at Rebalance – meet Stephanie Muntzer! Stephanie has been a physical therapist for 22 years, 21 of those treating as a pelvic floor therapist. Stephanie has been an athlete all of her life and ran track in college at St. Joseph’s University. Sports injuries and her own experience with a personal injury are what initially sparked her interest in the field. An avid lover of yoga, Stephanie also has her Professional Yoga Therapy (PTY) and Certified Pilates Instructor (CPI) certifications and often incorporates this methodology in her holistic treatment with our patients.

Outside of the clinic, Stephanie enjoys a number of crafty and outdoorsy hobbies such as hiking, woodworking, sewing, and working on the farm she lives on with her family and a wide variety of animals.

What motivates Stephanie every day here at Rebalance? For her, it’s the ability and opportunity to continuously learn! She said, 


“Life is a journey. We are always learning about ourselves and about each other. What I learn about myself and about others along the way is what inspires me to do this work.”

We hope everyone has a great weekend and keeps in mind these two words which happen to be one of Stephanie’s favorite mantras…You can!


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