Incontinence — 6 Things Your Doctor never Told You About Relieving It

Do you ever notice that you leak a little…or a lot…when you laugh, sneeze or cough? Do you find yourself running to the bathroom “just in case” because you are fearful that you’ll have an accident? Are you “that” person who always feels like they have to “go?” Whether it’s your bladder or your bowels, these can be considered symptoms of pelvic muscle dysfunction and incontinence. You don’t have to leak urine or feces to have incontinence or a problem with your pelvic muscles. Frequency and urgency can be signs that there is dysfunction in your bladder, your bowels, or your pelvic muscles AND you don’t have be female to have these problems. Gentlemen, this can apply to you as well.

There are 3 types of incontinence—frequency, urgency, and leakage. They can involve the bladder or the bowels. Many have the misconception that incontinence is always caused by weakness in certain pelvic muscles but the reality is there could be an imbalance between muscles of your inner core causing pelvic muscles to be tight, weak or both. Often people are prompted to begin address urgency, frequency, leakage using medication. Medications often have unwanted side effects. The good news is that many of these cases are treatable with physical therapy and muscle training without the use of medication.

Here are 6 signs that you could be dealing with incontinence:

1. Frequency or going to the bathroom more then 5-7x per day.

2. Going to bathroom at night more then 1x per night

3. On going back pain with symptoms of incontinence

4. Bulging belly that you noticed especially after having a baby

5. Feelings of urgency that you might leak if you don’t get to the bathroom

6. Mild to severe leakage with coughing, laughing, sneezing, lifting, or exercise


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If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these issues, Rebalance can help. We offer complimentary physical therapy screens and complimentary phone consultations (if you are not close to our clinics) to help you determine how to seek treatment. We can give you an idea of what the plan should be to evaluate and treat your individual symptoms. Most importantly, we work with you in a partnership to manage your health and healthcare.

Here are some of the treatments that you can start to do today to relieve your symptoms:

Here are 6 things that are so important for tipping this in the bud!

Kegel’s are not
necessarily the solution! If you have
done them and they are not changing your issues then it’s time to reconsider
what you are doing.

A lot is has to do with
your posture! Improved alignment helps
to balance out how all the muscles work and remember the pelvic floor is just
like any other muscle

Breath! You may think you are breathing correctly…but
at our clinic we find that this is something we have to re-teach our clients
how to do appropriately.

Stop gripping your
abdominals! Many of us learned, as
children, from our parents and elders to “hold that stomach in” and stand
tall. Unfortunately gripping the
abdominals and holding them in can actually make things worse


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5. Start moving correctly. Once the body has balanced out from the inside and your pelvic floor muscles are evaluated and are not overly tight (yes tight pelvic floor muscles can contribute the above symptoms)…then you have to learn to move everything again correctly. It’s so important that I can’t even stress this enough!

6. See an integrated orthopedic pelvic floor specialist! Therapists, such as us at Rebalance, have the expert skills and are always on the cutting edge of what works! We can help you resolve many of the issue you might have read above



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