Featured Exercise: Extended Side Angle Pose

This pose lengthens the inner thighs and stretches the gluteal muscles while strengthening the outer leg muscles and stabilizing the hips. It also allows the front of the pelvis and abdomen to broaden, creating space for the torso to turn open. This pose can give you an energized feeling.

Stand with your legs wide apart. Extend your arms to a T position with your palms facing down. Turn the right foot outward to 90 degrees and the left foot slightly inward. Lift through your spine, keeping the sides of your torso equally long. Press the left outer foot to the floor as you bend the right knee toward a 90-degree angle. Bring the right hand to the floor on your fingertips or place your hand on a block.Reach the left arm up toward the ceiling directly in line with the right arm. Don’t allow your torso to drop toward the floor. Inhale and widen the chest. Exhale and turn the chest and abdomen toward the ceiling. Turn the head and look toward the left thumb.

Precautions: Do not do this pose if you suffer from any form of headaches, hypertension and osteoarthritis of the knees.If you have chronic neck pain or neck problems, you should skip the step of turning the head and looking up toward the thumb and just continue to look straight while doing the pose.

If you have any precautionary conditions or have discomfort with this exercise, please talk to the Rebalance team for modifications and instructions.

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