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How to Take Pomegranate Seeds Out of a Pomegranate Without Hand Strain!


The pomegranate is a tasty superfruit that contains relatively large amounts of fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, calcium, and potassium. They also contain powerful antioxidants that can reduce inflammation in the gut and protect your cells from damage. Pomegranate seeds can be juiced, added as a topping to salads or yogurt, or just eaten by themselves!

The rind of the pomegranate cannot be eaten and must be removed to get to the seeds within. The process of removing seeds from a pomegranate can take a lot of time and cause a lot of hand strain. Today, we’re sharing a quick and easy way to remove pomegranate seeds without the hand strain.

To start, you’ll need:

  • Cutting Board
  • Pomegranate
  • Knife
  • Bowl
  • Something to strike the pomegranate with (spoon, ladle, etc.)


  1. 1. Cut pomegranate in half
  2. 2. Turn pomegranate upside down over bowl
  3. 3. Start whacking the pomegranate and the seeds will fall into the bowl
  4. 4. Be sure to strike the pomegranate around the center and edges to get all the seeds out

If some pomegranate flesh falls into the bowl, you can just pick it out afterward.

And there you have it: fresh, delicious pomegranate seeds in less than a minute without straining your hands!

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