According to the CDC, 31.6% of babies were delivered by C-section in 2016. Most people think that a c-section is going to be a tiny scar that will heal by eight weeks. However, a c-section is a major surgery and even after the incision has healed, c-section scar complications can persist.

C-section scars can be the culprit behind a wide range of issues, including:

Below are two videos that explain ramification of scar adhesions!

C-Section Scar Complications

When you have a c-section, the doctor makes a deep cut through the bottom of the fascia of the abdomen. They retract that layer of fascia up in order to pull the baby out of the uterus. After the baby is out, they bring the fascia back down and suture it together. However, just because everything is back in place, it doesn’t necessarily come back to its normal form.

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Even after the incision has healed, complications from the scar can continue. These complications can be on a superficial level – such as hypersensitivities around the scar – and also deep down into the layers of the abdominal fascia and the organs behind it, such as the bladder and the intestines. Excess scarring can also pull on the tissues of the pelvic floor and cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

Some of the issues that can be trigger by c-section scar complications include:

Releasing the Scar Tissue

Many of the complications caused by c-section scars can be treated by releasing the tissue surrounding the scar. A skilled holistic pelvic floor physical therapist can release the tissue of the scar as well as any tensioning in the pelvic floor.

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Physical Therapy can help with C-Section Scar Pain

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