Rebalance Physical Therapy is proud to present our first workshop of 2021! In Treat Yourself, you’ll learn how to use balls, rollers, and other myofascial release tools and techniques to release tight muscles and fascia. You’ll be introduced to self-myofascial release and watch live demonstrations on how to use various props to assist you in relieving tight, achy muscles. This workshop will be led by Elayne Geba and will meet virtually on Google Meet on Thursday, February 25, 2021, from 7-8:30pm EST.


Participants will learn:
1. The theory behind why myofascial release works to treat sore or tight muscles and fascia
2. What tools are appropriate for self-myofascial release
3. Proper techniques to be able to safely self-release sore or tight muscles and fascia


Participants will need:
1. Any and all myofascial release tools (including foam rollers, tennis balls, lacrosse balls, canes, etc.) At a minimum, you will need one tool to participate.
2. No prior experience or prerequisites are necessary

Pricing: $35

Registration: Here

Registrants will be sent the workshop link 24-48 hours before the workshop start time.

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