Training for the Broad Street Run? Learn the Best Running Form to Prevent Injury and Avoid Pain

This spring, whether you’re training for Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run or your next big race, it’s important to make sure you have good running form. Proper form prevents injury, incontinence and helps you avoid pain.

Here are some things to look for when you’re running down Broad Street:

1. Make sure you’re not OVER striding

A lot of runners tend to over stride, meaning they’re stepping with their leg way out in front of them so their foot lands far forward. If someone is over striding, they have a tendency to lean backwards, which takes them out of alignment in their torso.

2. Keep your ribs over your pelvis

Just like posture is important when you’re sitting or standing, it’s also important when you’re moving dynamically. Your ribs and your pelvis should always stay in good alignment, one stacked right over the other.

3. Check your stride length

Think about where your foot is hitting the ground. Ideally, you want it to land a little in front of or just underneath you, with a little bend in your knee. Striking with a straight leg puts a lot of unnecessary force on your knee.

If you land with the front foot in the right position, it gives you a little bit of support underneath you and lines you up pretty well, that allows your back leg to work better as well.

Physical Therapy can help your running form

Whether you’re working on rehabbing a running injury or just looking to increase your speed, physical therapy can help. Click to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to speak with one of our physical therapists.

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