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TeleHealth for Pregnancy and Postpartum: What to Expect

Many of our pregnant and recently postpartum patients are worried about how they will be able to receive pelvic floor treatment either during pregnancy or after they have the baby during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We work with many new moms to help them work through the postpartum period on issues such as low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, neck pain, pubic symphysis, tailbone issues and more. So how can we treat these conditions if you can’t get into the office? 

Telehealth for Pregnancy and Postpartum Conditions

Even if you can’t get treatment in the office, you can still get treatment via our Pregnancy and Postpartum Telehealth visits. These visits can help you manage or treat your issue until you are able to come into the office. 

TeleHealth Visits are Education

We’ve been treating women from 17-22 years on peri and postpartum issues. Much of what we do involves teaching you how to do release work, stretches or certain exercises in addition to the manual work our therapists perform in the office. 

When we’re working on anything from pelvic floor issues to any other postpartum issues, we’re doing specific evaluations to take you through certain movements to determine where your stiffness is, restrictions are, pain is. All of this guides us as far as what release work do you need – maybe it’s with a ball, foam roller or using your own breath – and show you how to do that release work yourself. 

During your visit, we’ll work with you on:

  • –release work using a ball or foam roller
  • –strengthening and stretching
  • –improving alignment and posture

For more information on our Telehealth options, see our posts on:

Want to schedule a Postpartum Telehealth appointment?

Click here to schedule a Telehealth visit with one of our therapists.

For all of you moms located outside of Pennsylvania, and we are unable to do Telehealth visits. Stay tuned for our postpartum video course, coming soon!

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