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The Connection Between Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and a Vaginal Tear/Episiotomy

Vaginal tears occur during childbirth when the tissue of the perineum tears. An episiotomy is a medical procedure done to make the vaginal opening larger for childbirth, or to avoid tearing in the perineum. As the perineum tissue heals from either an episiotomy or a vaginal tear, scar tissue can develop and cause sensitivity in that area.

Episiotomy Complications and the Pelvic Floor

Just like any cut, with an episiotomy you can develop scar tissue. Scar tissue, like healthy tissue, is made of collagen but the difference is that it is not as elastic. Even after the cut heals, you can still have sensitivity of that scar, which creates:

  • –Discomfort at rest
  • –Pain to touch
  • –Pain with intercourse or sitting

An episiotomy or vaginal tear scar can disturb not just the incision area, but the musculature of the pelvic floor. This makes any pressure or insertion uncomfortable.

An episiotomy cut can also create hypersensitivity of all the nerves in the pelvic floor area, which causes sensitivity, pain with intercourse and pain to touch.

Think your episiotomy might be causing your symptoms?

At Rebalance, we work to release the scar tissue and pelvic floor musculature to alleviate the pain. To schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of our physical therapists, click here.

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