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Ask Hina: What causes Osteitis Pubis in Postpartum Women?

Osteitis Pubis is the inflammation of the pubic symphysis due to non-infection. Osteitis Pubis can cause abdominal pain, pelvic pain and, in our experience, sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It often gets mistaken for a groin pull. Although it’s common in athletes, at Rebalance we often see patients with Osteitis Pubis postpartum.

What causes Osteitis Pubis Postpartum?

Osteitis Pubis is caused by overuse, meaning it is caused by repetition rather than a specific incident. In postpartum women, Osteitis Pubis is triggered by the instability of the pelvic bones, which is exacerbated during pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin. Women also often undergo a significant alignment or asymmetrical change in the pelvis due to pregnancy, the effects of delivery and even the way they adjust their body to hold their baby postpartum.

This change in alignment, combined with instability, can become exacerbated when you begin exercising postpartum.  Without good stability, proper alignment and adequate muscle coordination to absorb the impact of the workouts, you could be susceptible to developing Osteitis Pubis postpartum.

Osteitis Pubis Treatment

At Rebalance, we take a holistic approach to treatment. Since this injury is due to an imbalance, we examine your alignment, improve the mobility of your joints and decrease any spasming in the musculature. Once you have normalized muscle tone, we’ll teach you how to move with that new alignment.

Are you experiencing symptoms of Osteitis Pubis postpartum? Click here to schedule a complementary phone consultation to discuss you symptoms with one of our physical therapists.


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