5 Butt-Lifting Strategies for Post-Pregnancy Moms: Defeating the Mom Butt Blues

mom butt

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your life is undoubtedly a transformative experience, but the post-pregnancy changes that linger, especially in the posterior region, can sometimes be challenging.

mom butt

Enter the notorious “Mom Butt.” Fear not, because at Rebalance Physical Therapy, we understand the struggles and have tailored solutions to lift and tone that post-pregnancy bum.

Understanding the “Mom Butt” Dilemma

“Mom Butt” is the affectionate term given to the flatter, less-toned posterior that some women experience after giving birth. The culprit? Postural adjustments made during pregnancy to accommodate a growing belly. These adjustments, unfortunately, can become ingrained habits, persisting even after childbirth.

During pregnancy, many women adopt an anterior pelvic tilt (APT), where the hips tilt forward, causing the butt to stick out and stretching the gluteal muscles. Post-childbirth, there’s often a shift to a posterior pelvic tilt (PPT) to counterbalance the act of holding the baby.

Regrettably, this change, with the butt tucked under, can contribute to weakened gluteal muscles, resulting in the dreaded “Mom Butt.”

Contributing Factors: Lack of Butt Action

Another contributing factor to the “Mom Butt” saga is the lack of physical activity. The increased time spent sitting while feeding and caring for the baby not only decreases muscle activation but also places prolonged stretch on the gluteal region, promoting further weakness.

Butt-Lifting Action Plan

  1. Butt-Check:
    • Assess your weight distribution – center it from heels to the center of your foot.
    • Evaluate pelvic tilt – is it anterior or posterior? Correct it for a perkier posterior.
    • Examine gluteal engagement – unintentional gripping for stability? Learn to relax those muscles.

    Regularly performing these checks, perhaps in front of a mirror, can help you maintain better posture and a more lifted derrière throughout the day.

  2. Butt-Boosting Exercises:
    • Bridges
    • Kneeling hip thrusts with a 5# weight
    • Wall squats
    • Clamshells
    • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts (RDL)

    Incorporate these targeted exercises into your routine to sculpt and strengthen those glutes, bidding farewell to the “Mom Butt.”

Key Takeaway: Prioritize Your Butt and Core

The main takeaway is heightened awareness of your posterior, especially during baby care routines. Promoting proper muscle engagement and reducing gripping overactivity can actively work towards reclaiming your pre-pregnancy perkiness.

At Rebalance Physical Therapy, we specialize in addressing post-pregnancy concerns, including the notorious “Mom Butt.”

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