Strengthen Your Upper Body and Relieve Pain with Indian Club Exercises

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Do you suffer from lingering shoulder, neck, rib, or upper back pain that hinders your upper body workouts?

If so, it’s time to meet the Indian club. These clubs have been around for quite some time but aren’t as popular or utilized as they could be. Many conventional upper body exercises in gyms focus on one-dimensional, straight-plane movements, which can potentially wear down the integrity of the shoulder joint and upper spine. If you have weakness, instability, or muscular imbalances in these areas, adding weight and repetitions to your routine can lead to breakdown. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to an Indian club exercise that can help you strengthen your upper body while minimizing the risk of injury.

The “Scoop and Throw” Exercise: Traditionally known as “Movement #1,” we prefer to call it the “Scoop and Throw” exercise due to its distinctive movements. This exercise involves two primary positions:

  1. The “Home” Position: Begin with your elbow maximally bent and your palm facing you.
  2. The “Sword and Sheath” Position: Keep your elbow maximally bent, point it high to the sky, and direct the club straight down your back.

Now, let’s break down the exercise:

  1. Transition from the “Home” to the “Sword and Sheath” Position: In this phase, draw the largest arc possible with your elbow while keeping it bent tightly.
  2. Transition from the “Sword and Sheath” to the “Home” Position: Extend your elbow and wrist fully to throw the club upward and outward. Immediately follow this by scooping the club back up the front of your body to return to the “Home” position. During the scooping motion, maintain a straight elbow until your bicep contacts the side of your chest, and then bend the elbow.

Caution and Professional Guidance: When starting these types of exercises, it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider working with a professional to refine your form. Once you have developed good form and technique, this exercise can be an excellent way to strengthen your shoulders, chest, upper back, and core without the risk of breakdown.

Conclusion: The Indian club “Scoop and Throw” exercise is a valuable addition to your upper body workout routine, especially if you’re dealing with persistent pain or looking for an alternative to traditional gym exercises. With proper form and technique, you can enjoy a stronger upper body while reducing the risk of injury. So, grab your Indian club and start swinging your way to better health and fitness!

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