Heaviness and Perineum Pain After Childbirth

Many postpartum moms experience heaviness or discomfort in the perineal area after sustaining a tear during delivery. Sometimes if a tear is not stitched properly, or doesn’t heal properly, it can cause weakness in the pelvic floor and discomfort in the perineum. 

How Delivery Affects the Pelvic Floor 

During delivery, there is a lot of stretching in the musculature of the vaginal area, known as the pelvic floor. When the baby comes out, it comes through the vaginal canal and through the pelvic floor muscles, which have to stretch for the baby to exit. For many women, there is a significant amount of tearing that actually affects the musculature. 

Any tear can cause heaviness, stinging, burning or discomfort when you sit. The stitches themselves can also cause discomfort as well. 

Treating Postpartum Perineum Pain

It’s important to consult a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist who understands how to treat postpartum issues. In order to heal, you need to improve the length of the pelvic floor muscles as well as strengthen them. If you have scarring or incorrect healing, a pelvic floor physical therapist can work on those areas to help subside a lot of this pain. 

If you’re not on the way to feeling normal at your six-week check up, you should address it. The earlier you intervene the better. It’s important that the tissue gets better circulation, which will lead to better and faster healing, before the nerves get really irritated and leads to a chronic pain state. 

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