That Crick in Your Neck: 3 Potential Culprits


We’ve all experienced that annoying “crick in the neck” from time to time.

crick in neck

Often, it goes away on its own, or with a little movement and stretching. But what happens when it becomes a recurring issue, refusing to budge? In this week’s blog post, we’ll explore three common factors that could be contributing to your persistent neck discomfort and how Rebalance Physical Therapy can help address them.

1. Posture: One of the primary reasons for chronic neck pain or the crick in neck is poor posture.

The way we sit and stand throughout the day can put strain on our neck muscles and lead to discomfort. Whether it’s slouching at our desks while working or bending our necks too far forward to use our phones, these habits can take a toll on our necks over time. At Rebalance Physical Therapy, our experts can assess your posture and provide guidance on ergonomic improvements to ensure your spine is aligned correctly during daily activities.

2. Limited Mobility: Restricted mobility and crick in neck can be due to various reasons, such as tight muscles or joint limitations.

When certain muscles become tense, they can pull the neck in different directions, causing pain and stiffness. Additionally, joint restrictions can lead to dysfunction and discomfort.

Our skilled physical therapists at Rebalance can employ techniques like manual therapy and targeted exercises to improve your neck’s range of motion, alleviating the strain and discomfort caused by limited mobility.

3. Core Weakness: Surprisingly, weak core muscles can play a significant role in neck pain. Our core and abdominal muscles play a crucial role in stabilizing the spine, including the neck.

When these muscles are weak, the burden of supporting the neck often falls on other surrounding muscles, leading to overcompensation and potential pain. By addressing core weakness through tailored exercises, our physical therapists can help your body regain its natural balance, relieving pressure from your neck muscles and joints.

Don’t ignore that persistent “crick in your neck.” Instead, take proactive steps to identify and address the contributing factors that may be causing your discomfort.

Poor posture, limited mobility, and core weakness are common culprits, but with the right guidance from Rebalance Physical Therapy, you can find relief and achieve optimal neck health.

Contact Us: If you’re struggling with neck pain and discomfort, our team of dedicated physical therapists is here to help. At Rebalance Physical Therapy, we specialize in identifying and treating the root causes of musculoskeletal issues. Don’t let neck pain hold you back any longer.

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