Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Week at Rebalance!

This week is National Physical Fitness and Sports Week! It’s a great reason to get out and enjoy the nice weather that we have this time of year in Philly.


So you’ve laced up your shoes and you’re ready to go, right? Except MAYBE you have something holding you back, like a nagging injury that gets worse with too much activity, or perhaps your body can’t tolerate an exercise you used to love. Or maybe you just don’t know the right exercises for your body and where to get started.


Rebalance can help with all of this. Thursdays and Fridays throughout the month of May, Rebalance will be offering complimentary Functional Movement Screens (FMS).


This test predicts how likely you are to suffer from injury by testing how well you move. We’ll look at general body movements to see how well you’re moving. It can help point out areas of weakness and identify mobility or stability issues throughout your body. You can use this information to help figure out the best type of activity for your body and prevent injury in the future.


The Functional Movement Screen has been used on many different groups of people and predicts your injury risk based on how you score in the test.  It’s great for adults and kids. If you have a young athlete in your house who has had some aches and pains, they could benefit from a screen in order to prevent a bigger problem later.


The screenings are 30 minutes long and will be offered Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings throughout the month of May.


To sign up, call the office at 267-282-1301.

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