October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a good reminder to keep up with breast health and self care. Though many of you may be familiar with this, a little refresher can’t hurt to remind us all.  Please be mindful that this can effect those who associate with male or female genders as well as those in transition between genders.

Want to learn more about breast health? Join Elayne October 24 for a postpartum breast health workshop. Click for more.

What are the Warning Signs for Breast Cancer?

What Factors Increase Your Risk for Breast Cancer?

How to Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer:

Let’s all celebrate our best health including breast health.  Let’s do this in memory and support of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as the community and loved ones who have been affected.  

For those diagnosed or recovering from breast cancer, click here to see our blog on stretches and exercises to help the recovery process. 




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