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Basics of Breath: Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing Event with Stephanie Muntzer

It’s hard to enjoy the present moment during the holidays. There’s an overwhelming amount of things we feel like we need to do – holiday shopping to finish, parties to attend and family to see – and it can be hard to live in the moment.

Research shows that breathing efficiency is linked to better overall physical movement and the decreased likelihood of physical injury. One study found that of people who score high in physical assessment, 87% are also better diaphragmatic breathers (Bradley and Esformes, 2014). Breathing can also help us stay present as well as give us the vitality that our body needs to stay healthy.

This February, join Stephanie for Basics of Breath: Mindfulness Meditation and Breathing. This six-week course is designed for everyone from beginners who might not be ready for a traditional yoga class or seasoned yoga practitioners who want to stronger meditation and breathing practice. The class will focus on the foundations of alignment and efficiency of breathing.

Breathing is the foundation for all yoga and meditation classes and it’s at the center of all that we do. You’ll learn guided meditation techniques that will help you to live in the present moment and different ways of breathing that can help you:

  • *increase energy
  • *calm anxiety
  • *improve alignment and core strength
  • *optimize your overall health and well-being

WHAT: 6-Week Mindfulness Meditation and Breathing presented by Stephanie Muntzer

WHERE: Rebalance Physical Therapy, 319 Price Ave, Narberth, PA

WHEN: Thursdays from 7:15-8:15pm starting February 1 – March 8, 2018

INVESTMENT: $150 for the package (20% off until December 25!)

REGISTER: Register online here or contact us at 267.282.1301 or

About Stephanie: Stephanie is a level 2 Medical Therapeutic Yoga practitioner as well as an advanced orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist. For her full bio, click here.

Cancellation Policy: Please note, signing up for the series reserves your spot for the full six weeks. There are no drop ins available. Cancel by January 15 for a full refund. There are no refunds or credits for cancellations after January 15

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