Head and neck pain from stress, zoom and homeschooling? A Theracane is a great tool to use at home to help you release trigger points that can cause head and neck pain. 

Often, head and neck pain is caused by trigger points that develop in the upper trapezius. The trapezius muscle attaches at the base of the skull, travels down the neck into your shoulder and your mid-spine. 

A Theracane is curved, so you can reach trigger points and knots on your back that can be hard to reach on your own. See our video for ways to release your trigger points. 

For more information on the Theracane: https://amzn.to/2WfW6WZ

Still having pain from Trigger Points?

If you’re still experiencing quite a bit of pain or discomfort and its something you want to have addressed, we’re doing TeleHealth sessions.

During these sessions, we will take you through a functional movement evaluation. This can help us figure out what’s going on, and we can give you more targeted exercises/stretches to address the issue. For more information, click here to request to schedule a Telehealth Session.

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