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Headaches? It Could Be Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia is inflammation of the nerves that give you sensation in the back of the head. These nerves can get irritated, usually because of an imbalance around the head/neck, upper back, shoulder, shoulder blade.

Tensioning in the muscles around the head and neck causes the muscles to squeeze on the nerves, which can cause burning, irritation and/or sharp shooting pain in the back of the head. It can also trigger headaches, vision changes or other issues.

What Causes Occipital Neuralgia Headaches

1. Any Type of Trauma: A fall, car accident, sports accident, concussion or anything that gives you a whiplash or far of the head. This can trigger a lot of tensioning and compression around these nerves and the musculature.

2. Postural Adaptation Changes: The alignment of your posture affects how your muscles work. If you’ve had an injury, particularly to your shoulder, neck or back, those muscles will compensate accordingly. Even alignment issues all the way into your pelvis can affect the muscles of your neck. This compensation can cause tensioning in your head and neck, which can lead to Occipital Neuralgia.

3. Stress: Stress can cause tensioning in the musculature around the head and neck, and trigger off headaches.

How do you treat occipital neuralgia headaches?

You should have this evaluated and treated by someone who understands how the body is integrated together. If you’re experiencing occipital neuralgia headaches, physical therapy help you find relief. To speak to a therapist about your symptoms, click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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