Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

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Winter is coming!

I start to have major anxiety as winter approaches, since I hate the cold weather. I should definitely be living in Southern California!

To get through the winter, I heavily rely on light wool base-layer clothing, hand warmers (they even make rechargeable ones now!), and warm drinks (hot water and lemon is my fav!).

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while staying active in the cold weather:

Shoe Wear – With snow and ice on the ground, the risk for falling increases. Be certain to wear shoes with heavier tread. You can add cleats to your shoes to improve traction if there is snow/ice cover.

Layer Up – Wear a moisture wicking base-layer right over the skin and then layer up. You can always remove some layers if you get too warm.

Keep Your Extremities Warm – Hats, socks, and gloves are crucial to keeping warm while you are active outside.

Warm Up – Doing some dynamic stretches or a light cardio warm-up before starting more strenuous activity in the cold can help prevent injury by getting blood flow to the muscles before exerting them.

Hydrate – Even though it is colder, and you might not sweat as much, you still need stay hydrated when exercising in cold weather. Drink before and after activity.

Lights! – Either exercise during the daylight or use some type of light device if you are exercising before or after the sun in out. Headlamps and lighted vests can keep you visible and safe on the roads/trails.

For more individualized tips or if you’re struggling to keep active as cold weather approaches, please schedule a consultation with a physical therapist at Rebalance Physical Therapy.

Written by Andrea Barberio, PT, DPT

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