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Test Your Hip Stability With This Simple Exercise

Often, we don’t realize that our hip does not have enough stability while we’re exercising. Your hip has many degrees of freedom. The leg either moves in the pelvic socket or, if the leg is on the ground, the pelvic socket moves around the hip.

Hip instability might come up during yoga, running or even lunges at the gym. It manifests itself in a little rotation or movement of the pelvis. You might not even notice it’s happening.

Test your Hip Stability

Here’s a great exercise to test your hip control:

1. Take yourself down to your elbows and knees and come to a neutral spine position. Make sure you don’t overarch your low back. 

2. Keep your body stationary and lift one leg and extend it behind you. Try to maintain your stability. 

3. Notice what happens – are you twisting or shifting your weight?

4. Try the otherwise and see if there’s a difference.

With your forearm down on the ground, you can’t “cheat” with your wrists/arm. You really have to use your core, shoulders and hip muscles to maintain control. 

You can use this as a test of your stability or an exercise to build strength and stability in your hip and trunk. 

PT for Hip Stabilization

Experiencing hip instability? Click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your symptoms with one of our physical therapists.

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