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How to Use Props in Your Meditation Practice

It’s always a good time to practice mindfulness meditation to help manage daily stresses and improve your mental well-being! We wanted to share a few tips to help your meditation practice using props to help you relax:

Seated Meditation: Using Props to Help You Find a More Comfortable Seat

Seated meditation can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to sitting on the floor for a long period of time. You can use props to help you find a more comfortable seat:

  • Use a yoga strap around your knees and back to help you sit a little more upright and make it more comfortable.
  • Sit on a block or blankets to give you a little lift off the ground.

Using props to find a more comfortable position can help you stay in a seated meditation longer and relax more completely. 

Using Props in a Reclined Meditation

If you prefer to recline for your meditation, try these strategies to help you get a little more comfortable:

  • Take a blanket and fold it into quarters. Take another blanket and stack them to make them tiered. Lie on top of the blanket so it supports the curves of your back.
  • If you’re tighter in the shoulders, add a block underneath your head for more support
  • Keep your legs bent or straight. You can put a blanket under your knees.

Having hip or back pain with prolonged sitting?

If you’re having pain with prolonged sitting, we’re doing TeleHealth sessions to help pinpoint the issue. During these sessions, we will take you through a functional movement evaluation. This can help us figure out what’s going on, and we can give you more targeted exercises/stretches to address the issue. For more information, click here to request to schedule a Telehealth Session.

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