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Our Favorite Spots to Run Outside in Philly Winter 2020 + 4 Tips to Prevent Injuries

Run Philly Winter 2020

We know, it’s freezing outside. But sometimes, if it’s not TOO cold, it can be a nice break from the indoor treadmill to bundle up and go for a run outside. Here are our favorite spots to go for a run outside. 

Our Favorite Spots to Running Trails in Philly and the Main Line

  1. Haverford College Trail: This trail is convenient to the Main Line and it’s free access. Haverford College is an arboretum, so you can get good shade from the trees while you run! 
  2. Forbidden Drive at Wissahickon Valley Park: Forbidden Drive runs along the Wissahickon Creek and it’s a great spot to go for a run outside! It’s accessible from many points. Forbidden Drive is a flat, gravel trail, but there are also trails that run through the woods. 
  3. Schuylkill River Trail along Kelly Drive: The Schuylkill River trail extends well beyond Kelly Drive, but this area of the trail is paved and easily accessible if you live in Downtown Philadelphia or on the Main Line. For more, see here.  
  4. Ridley Creek State Park in Media: This is convenient to the Main Line. There are multi-use trails that are paved that are great for a run! See here for more

Four Ways to Prevent Injury During Your Winter Workout

Since the temperatures are colder, it’s important to take some precautions to help prepare you body for the cold and prevent injuries. Here are some things to consider during your workout:

  1. Watch the ice: If you run early morning, keep an eye out for patches of ice that may not have melted yet. It sounds simple, but avoiding the ice helps you avoid slipping and either falling or twisting an ankle or knee
  2. Warm Up Before Your Run: Before you go outside, do some dynamic stretching or light jogging before you head outside for your run. Give yourself short breaks during the first 10 minutes of your workout to allow yourself to adjust to the cold. 
  3. Do a Quick Cool Down: Cool down for only a couple of minutes outside. You don’t want your body to get TOO cold too quickly after your workout. 
  4. Stay Hydrated: It’s not as easy to remember to drink water when you’re cold, but it’s still important to stay hydrated and drink enough water. 

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