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C-Section Scar Complications

pelvic pain

Many women develop c-section scar complications after having a baby. It can present as a range of issues, including:

  • *Hypersensitivity around the abdomen: This can be triggered by things such as pressure from pants or underwear or something as simple as the sheets moving over the scar
  • *Pain with intercourse, even if you didn’t have a vaginal delivery
  • *Low back or hip pain
  • *Gastrointestinal issues such as constipation or slow transit

What is a C-Section?

Most people think that a c-section is going to be a tiny scar that will heal by eight weeks. However, a c-section is a major surgery and many people can develop c-section scar complications following the procedure.

When you have a c-section, the doctor makes a cut through the bottom of the fascia of the abdomen. They have to cut fairly deep through that layer in order to get to the uterus and they retract that layer of fascia up in order to pull the baby out. As a result, there’s a lot of trauma caused to that area. After the baby comes out, they bring all the fascia back down and suture it together. However, just because everything is back in place, it doesn’t necessarily come back to its normal form.

C-Section Scar Complications

After the eight weeks is up, most people are told to go back to their every day activities.  However, most doctors don’t tell you that you can develop complications from the scar.

These complications can be on a superficial level – such as hypersensitivities around the scar – and also deep down into the layers of the abdominal fascia and the organs behind it. This can include the bladder and the intestines. If there is excess scarring, it can also pull on the tissues of the pelvic floor and cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

Some of the issues that can be trigger by c-section scar complications include:

C-Section Scar Treatment

A lot of things can develop but there is also a way to treat these complications. A skilled holistic pelvic floor physical therapist can work to release the tissue of the scar as well as the tensioning in the pelvic floor. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of our physical therapists.

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