Meet the Rebalance Team: Jacquelyn Suniaga PT, MPT, OCS, MTC

This week we continue to highlight our talented physical therapists here at Rebalance – meet Jacquelyn Suniaga! Jackie has been a physical therapist and pelvic floor therapist for the past 19 years. Jackie was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare after she sadly lost her father to cancer at a young age. This experience caused Jackie to value health and start her lifelong interest in fitness, wellness, and exercise. Without a doubt, Jackie knew she wanted to work in a profession helping others improve their health and overall wellbeing. She obtained her Master of Physical Therapy from Temple University, where she had a clinical rotation in pelvic floor physical therapy. She grew such an affinity for this specialty and knew it was where she wanted to practice.

While Jackie enjoys spending time with the people in her life and absolutely loves working with all of her clients, deep down she is an introvert and cherishes her alone time. She loves to get outdoors and take walks, run, meditate, and practice yoga. She also loves spending quality time with her husband, Leo, and her family and friends.

Jackie finds motivation in the every day here at Rebalance. 

She said, “Every day I am motivated to be better at my work. Rebalance patients are coming in to see us for highly specialized care. This expectation motivates me to be the best and to give 100% every day. Having the knowledge and expertise at my work is essential – as is the compassion and understanding of each individual’s goals.”

We asked Jackie if she has a specific motivational or inspirational quote that she likes to reference. While she did not have an exact quote, she said that she finds inspiration simply by giving back and being of service to others. Jackie provided wonderful insight that we think many other people can agree with and appreciate! She said, ” I am inspired every day by being of service to others. I gain so much from simply giving, and I strive to serve my purpose every day in my professional and personal life.”

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