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Meet the Rebalance Team: Hina Sheth, MS, PT, OCS, MTC


This week, we’re featuring Hina Sheth, Rebalance’s owner, and founder! Hina was first introduced to the world of physical therapy while she was a college student in Florida and volunteered at the Florida Gators athletic training facility. Later on, she attended a lecture about the hardship women experience during and after pregnancy and this is what sparked her passion for pelvic floor physical therapy and set the foundation for her 21-year career as a physical therapist. 

After years working at some of the best institutions, Hina grew frustrated with the insurance-based model of treatment. She was inspired to create her own private practice that would focus on the holistic, whole-body treatment approach. In 2008, her ideas came into fruition and she established Rebalance Physical Therapy.

Outside of seeing patients and running a business, Hina spends time with her family and enjoys one of her many hobbies including cooking and trying new food, photography, skiing, rock climbing, animals, and reading/listening to anything self-help related.


When we asked Hina what motivates her, she said:

“I am so inspired whenever I hear stories where people have overcome some of the greatest obstacles, but still remain humble. At Rebalance, my patients motivate me. Anytime someone comes in feeling like they lost hope, and I can be a part of bringing it back to them – that is the best feeling.”


We asked Hina what one of her favorite quotes is – and how true is this! It’s unfortunately so easy to put yourself as the last priority, especially when work, family, and the tons of external factors we encounter daily can become all-consuming. But as Michelle Obama says in this quote above, we need to do a better job of prioritizing ourselves and our needs. This can mean something totally different to everyone – whether it’s blocking your calendar for a day to rest, making time to attend that yoga class, or scheduling that appointment you have been putting off. Self-care comes in many forms!

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