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What is Craniosacral fascial therapy?


This modality is a brilliant merging of the foundations of Craniosacral Therapy and Fascial Release work. Developed by Dr. Barry Gillespie, ( CFT focuses each technique on both the craniosacral and fascial systems simultaneously. CFT techniques are gentle and non invasive. They are intended to address connective tissue (fascia) strain patterns in the body, but more importantly, they addresses directly the effect a strain pattern has on the craniosacral system. Once the craniosacral system is free from restriction and the cerebrospinal fluid achieves an optimal flow, the body is better able to heal and balance itself. This modality is appropriate for all populations; newborns through adulthood. CFT has been known to be effective for a wide range of issues such as: migraines, ear pain, whiplash, concussions, newborn feeding issues and many more. Adult Sessions are 45 minutes, Pediatric sessions are 30 minutes. Allow an additional 15 minutes for your first session. Client is should arrive in loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

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