We and our clients at Rebalance Physical Therapy know the important role the pelvic floor plays in our daily lives. Recently, we were contacted by the writers at Be Well Philly to talk about the importance of the pelvic floor, symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and how to get help for pelvic floor-related health issues. Author Laura Brzyski does a great job of detailing what exactly the pelvic floor does and some of the causes behind pelvic floor dysfunction, which may lead to bowel or bladder dysfunction, pain with sex, and pelvic pain. The article also shares exercises to help strengthen, support, and relax the pelvic floor.

Rebalance’s founder, Hina Sheth, offers some tips on maintaining a balanced pelvic floor and how stress and anxiety can affect your pelvic floor.

Read the full article in Be Well Philly’s 2022 Print Issue. You can request a free copy at the link.

BeWellPhilly 2022 Issue

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