What is endometriosis? When tissue similar to that of the uterine lining forms outside of the uterus—such as in the pelvis, bladder, rectum or the outside of the other female reproductive organs—endometriosis is diagnosed. This may sound unusual but it happens in up to 15 percent of women of all age groups who are able to reproduce. Endometrial tissue needs to be shed monthly, and sheds during a woman’s period if found in the uterus. Endometrial tissue on other organs, however, can keep building up without being shed, causing more intense pain and cramping. Just in case ordinary menstruation wasn’t rough enough!

Endometriosis can be severe and have dangerous effects. It can cause the formation of trigger points and adhesions, a type of scar tissue which actually may cause organs to come together. It can also cause bladder spasms, chronic pelvic pain, infertility and urinary frequency and urgency. Women with endometriosis often clench the muscles in the pelvic floor and abdomen due to discomfort. This can leave these muscles in a constant holding pattern, creating limited mobility in the pelvic floor and pain with intercourse. So, a woman’s partner could have their life disrupted in several ways by endometriosis as well! With such a long list of symptoms, it is important to get your life back on track if you are suffering from endometriosis.

At Rebalance, our physical therapists will assess the client holistically assessing the entire body but with focus on the low back, hips and pelvis to determine how endometriosis is affecting posture and mobility and use a number of techniques to alleviate pain. They can use myofascial trigger point release, in which the therapist will apply pressure to the trigger points and stretch the muscles in a combination of passive and active muscle energy techniques. They can also use visceral mobilization, a technique that involves work on the internal organs and tissue that connects them. They will also teach you stretches and exercises to relieve pain on your own between sessions. Cardio exercises are particularly effective! Relaxation and deep breathing are some simple ways to keep you from clenching up those muscles as well.

Treatment for endometriosis can be painful, but it is essential, effective and well worth it! Contact Rebalance physical therapists to put an end to pain from endometriosis.

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