Powerful Pomegranates: Helping to Reduce Pain

Did you know that pomegrantes have some serious health benefits? They are a natural source of anti-inflammatory agents in the body. If you have arthritis or other musculoskeletal injuries, you often times have inflammation in the joints or supporting tissues. Pomegranate seeds can help with lowering the swelling in the joints and therefore decrease your pain!

Here are 7 other awesome benefits of Pomegranate seeds:

1. Natural aphrodisiac and improves impotence

2. Reduce arthritis & joint pain

3. Fight cancer (including breast & prostate)

4. Lower blood pressure

5. Fight bacterial infections

6. Improve heart health

7. Improve memory

Pomegranates are typically in season from September to January – so keep your eyes out this fall. When you pick a pomegranate, the heavier the better because it means more juice in the seeds. You want to pick one with a leathery skin that’s firm and not bruised or soft. So, now you have the pomegranate, but how do get to the seeds? Here’s some steps!

1. Roll the pomegranate around to loosen the seeds.

2. Score around the middle of the fruit with a sharp knife, and tear it open into two halves. Try your best to only score the skin and not to cut through into the seeds.

3. Hold half of the pomegranate with the seeds facing down over a clean bowl, and tap the skin with a wooden spoon while slightly squeezing to encourage the seeds to fall.

4. Do the same thing with the other half.

5. If there are a seeds left in the white pith, you can remove them with your fingers

6. Eat the seeds and enjoy!!

If you are having musculoskeletal pains, eating Pomegranate seeds may help with the pain, but a thorough evaluation by a physical therapist is the way to keep the pain from coming back and back to healthy movement!

This article was written by:

Elayne Geba PT, DPT, WCS

Pelvic Floor & Orthopedic Physical Therapist & Women’s Health Certified Specialist

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