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Pamper Yourself or a Loved One With Quick and Simple Foot Work

February is about celebrating love, so why not treat a loved one or enjoy some time to yourself with a quick and easy foot massage? In our fast paced world, stress is a part of everyday life and our feet get a lot of mileage. This causes our bodies to tense up, particularly in the neck, back and shoulders. Musculoskeletal tension, headaches, stiffness and fatigue are just a few physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. At Rebalance, our therapists often work on the feet to realign and relieve tension in the foot. We apply treatment at several pressure points to decrease tension, reduce joint compression to help realign the feet. But a bonus is that is can help stress. Now you can do it too! This short yet sweet massage has its origin from China and is also used as an acupressure point. It can help you or a loved one get some stress relief at home between sessions.

First, make sure the skin of the foot is free of varicose veins, cuts, bruises or moles before beginning. Sit on the edge of a bed and cross or have your partner cross one leg over the other. Next, apply pressure between the second and third toes with your thumb on the bottom part of the foot and index finger on the top part of the foot. Move your fingers a third of the way down the foot and massage the pressure point found here for a minute or two. This may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the tension should ease shortly. Repeat on the other foot, take a few deep breaths, and you’re on your way to a restful night! What makes a better gift for yourself or the one you love than being swept off your feet for some relaxation? Now the pressure is off for planning a laid-back evening!

A healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand, and both often need maintenance and fine tuning. If you or your loved ones are waking up feeling like 40 going on 80, contact Rebalance physical therapists to learn how to improve your overall musculoskeletal health, enhance your flexibility and get your strength and energy rebalanced again!

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