Great Green Smoothie Recipe!!

Great Green Smoothie

Makes about 4 servings of 10 oz each


1 cup frozen mango (can substitute with frozen pinapple)

1 cup frozen mixed berries or blueberries

1 apple cut up

1 banana

3 sticks celery cut up

2 medium carrots cut up

1 and ½ cups cut up fresh kale (we get our pre-packaged cut up)

1 and ½ cups baby fresh spinach (we get the pre-packaged ones)

1 Tbsp whole flax seeds

1 Tbsp whole chia seeds

~30 oz of water

Place all the above ingredients in a blender in the order above in a blender. Using a Vitamix blender is best as it will make this concoction very smooth and easier to drink. Add water until it fills the container about ¾ way full~ 30 oz or so. Blend until smooth.

Substitution and Other add ins: You can substitute pretty much any fruit you like. I have added pomegranate, grapes, peaches ect…just depends on what you like. You can also add a slice of lemon if you like things a bit tangy. You can also add turmeric power~ 1 tps if you can tolerate the taste.

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