Don’t Pull you back picking pumpkins..Our 7 FALL BACK TIPS

Tips to Prevent a Doctor Visit this Fall —September 2015 Newsletter

I was driving in the car this weekend watching the leaves begin to litter the grass. With
this scenic time of year comes the responsibility of homeowners to clean out the leaf
filled gutters and overgrown flower beds. This work can cause significant load on our
bodies especially if we don’t do it regularly. Before you lift that heavy pumpkin out of
the car and place it on your porch, here are some tips to take care of yourself this fall.
You have most likely heard that the low back is one of the most injured areas in our body
especially with things like yardwork. 60-80% of people will injure their backs at some
point in their lives. The low back takes most of the brunt of the lifting and twisting when
we are working in the yard. Injury occurs when there is a disproportionate amount of
motion between in lowest 2 back segments (L4/L5 and L5/S1), the rest of our spine and
our hips. The good news is that most low back injuries are often soft tissue related. How
is that good news? They can be fixed and prevented by the way that we move!
Whether we are talking about the back or other areas in the body, here are a seven tips for
a healthier Fall so you can move well and stay healthy when you are out in the yard:

1. Keep a neutral spine. Keep loads close when you lift so your body exerts less force.
Remembering this can reduce the strain on your back by almost 90%!
2. If you are using hedge clippers, use them at a level between your shoulders and
knees. Avoid reaching up, down, or far away with them if possible.
3. Keep your chest forward to avoid hunching your back or twisting while working of
lifting. Bend your knees and hips with a hip hinge instead of bending your spine.
4. Warm up! Something as simple as walking increases blood flow and nutrients to
your muscles, joints, and tissues. Yard work can be demanding just like exercise.
Think of it the same way and warm up for a few minutes beforehand.
5. Use the right equipment. Items like a kneeling pad can help make jobs easier and
help you avoid unnecessary prolonged bending.
6. Stay hydrated to keep nutrients flowing to joints, muscles, and tissues.
7. Stretch! Remember that sitting all day in the office can make the hamstrings, hip
flexors and other back muscles prone to being tight or pulled with heavy work.

An ounce of prevention is worth is a pound of cure. Rebalance therapists can help you to
identify ways to improve your exercise program. We can help you condition your body
to stay out of the doctor’s office and enjoy this time of year to the fullest! Give us a call.

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