Don’t forget your PT CHECKUP!

We get an annual physical to check our cholesterol and blood work. We go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and dental check up but it doesn’t cross our minds to see if we are moving well. That is, until we have an ache or pain with our movement. Of course we should always seek medical help when pain or injury occurs, but wouldn’t it make more sense to catch the problem before it happens? We do this yearly for our cholesterol and our blood pressure in order to catch a problem that might cause heart attacks or stroke. We do it for our teeth to prevent cavities. Why not have a yearly check up to prevent injury?

At at time when adult low back pain and scholastic athletic injuries continue to escalate despite the presence of many new fitness and training methods, it seems that now more than ever we need to check that our lifestyle and fitness programs meet our movement needs. With all of this injury, why not consider this?

You might be saying to yourself, “I get a physical from the doctor each year and he/she doctor checks for this.” In an annual physical however, a doctor evaluates many body systems —neurologic, cardiovascular, and urologic just to mention a few. This leaves about 30-60 seconds to check your movement systems. Compare this to an hour with a physical therapist to evaluate your various daily postures, your body movements as a whole, and finally specific joint or tissue problems that could make you susceptible to other injury. Physical therapists compile this information to consider how everything impact your regular work day, exercise and recreational activity. In a sense, it’s like examining your armor for any chinks that could lead to injury.

As therapists, our job is to ensure that your fitness program and lifestyle keep you moving well through your lifetime—into your 80’s and beyond! Rebalance therapists can help you to clear the path that might be keeping you or a family member.

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