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Coconut Oil – the New Lube!

As pelvic floor therapists who often treat patients who are suffering from different pelvic pain disorders, we frequently get asked, “what’s the best lubrication to use for intercourse?”

We always recommend using a water soluble product because oil-based products tend to have glycerin and parabens that are irritants. However, as more patients looking for a safe, all-natural alternative to traditional lubricants, more patients are using coconut oil in the bedroom.

So far, gynecologists have not reported any negative side effects. It’s all natural, preservative-free, and more affordable than traditional lubrications. The women with symptoms of vaginal dryness, chemical sensitivities, or vulvar pain and irritation seem to really to be responding well to the use of coconut oil as a lubrication during intercourse. Coconut oil also naturally contains antifungal properties which could reduce the risk of infections, however this hasn’t been studied yet.

If you are ready to try using coconut oil as a lubricant, make sure you:

–Check the ingredients – It should only contain coconut oil

–Do a patch test – Test the oil on a small patch of skin elsewhere on your body and monitor it for a day to make sure you aren’t allergic.

–Switch to a polyurethane condom instead of latex – Oils and petroleum (such as Vaseline) can weaken a Latex condom and increase the risk of breaking. Oils won’t break down polyurethane condoms.

Remember to wipe off the excess lubrication after intercourse and always avoid douching which can cause vaginal infections, irritation, and has been linked to fertility issues.

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This article was written by:

Elayne Geba PT, DPT, WCS

Pelvic Floor and Orthopedic Physical Therapist and Women Health Certified Specialist

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