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Are your Skinny Jeans TOO skinny?

Are Your Skinny Jeans TOO skinny?

We have all heard the saying that we are what we eat. Did you know that what we wear can also have a huge impact on how we feel? It’s true. Our clothing can change the way that our body works.

Tight clothing can cause compressive force to our body that restricts the many tubes in our abdomen and pelvis…things like arteries, veins, intestines, lymphatics, the GI tract, and even the rectum and urethra and YES….your fascia!!…all that tissue that surrounds every muscle and organ… Let’s talk about a few examples of restrictive clothing: (By the way, guys, this list includes things in your closet too.)



Skinny jeans

Tight belts

Tight pants

Tight underwear

Pants that are too small limit the way structure work

Compressing our body parts comes with consequences. Think of all those tubes sitting inside your pelvis and abdomen again. Pressing your belly in to your spine with tight clothing pushes all of these structures either up or down. Upward places pressure on your diaphragm (changes the way you breathe), thoracic cage and respiratory structures. Downward places pressure on your pelvic floor. Digestion, breathing, and continence can all be affected. Compress the structures of the abdomen and the pelvis and you compress their function too.

So give your wardrobe some thought. Part of the solution to healing yourself might be sitting right under your nose…in your closet.

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