I started seeing Hina for two pain conditions, my chronic migraines and also for vestibulodynia/vaginismus. She was excellent! I really appreciated that Hina listened patiently to my medical history and treated me with a holistic, whole-body approach. She thought that there could be a muscular component to both problems and used manual therapy on both the head/neck and pelvic regions, which left me feeling healthier and more flexible after each session. She even gave me home exercises to try on my own. Later that month I also worked with Emily. She was fabulous–extremely friendly and very skilled at working on pressure points. She adjusted her techniques based on my feedback, and I really felt like we were a team. The Rebalance physical therapists were the last piece in the puzzle that I needed to get my headaches under control! My pelvic symptoms are also getting a lot better too, and I have no doubt that with just a little more time that will resolve as well. Thanks Hina and Emily!

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