Hina at IPPS 2014

This year’s IPPS (International Pelvic Pain Conference) was very special because Diane Lee, Physiotherapist, amazing mentor and my teacher, was speaking about the Integrated Systems Model and how having a “balanced musculoskeletal system” improves pelvic muscle tone for improving strength or relaxing tone. It was great catching up with her and learning about all the other courses I still need to take to continue building on the ever complex body. I also met with some of my favorite friends and colleagues from all over the States including Amy Stein, Stephanie Prednargast, Andrew Goldstein, Stacey Futterman, Tracy Sher and Dustianne Miller. Oh, and I almost forgot…our previous employee and dear friend Emily Block! This year, the conference focused on topics such as mind-body connection to pelvic pain, neuroscience of pelvic pain and how to integrate this into practice in helping patients, mesh complications, various nerve injections and the much debated oral contraceptives and their implications on pelvic pain…do we use them or not, as well as many other amazing topics. Always a great conference and great conversation!

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