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Featured Exercise: Transverse Abdominis Exercise

The transverse abdominis is the third and deepest muscle layer of the abdomen. It lies under the big “six pack” muscle known as the rectus abdomens and the “sexy side” muscles known as the oblique muscles. However it’s the transverse abdominal muscles that are the most important muscles to help get that “flat belly” and stabilize the low back and the pelvis promoting a heathy and pain free back.

Lay on your back with our feet flat on the floor.

Feel for the two front pelvic bones (of your pelvis known as your ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spines) located about a hand distance and 2 inches down on either side of the navel). Think about creating an intention of force within your body that could draw these two bones together slowly and deeply. You may also feel your muscles of the pelvic floor (muscles that you use to prevent the passing of gas or urine). This is normal and these muscles work in conjunction with the transverse abdominal muscles to stabilize the pelvis and the back. Once engaged hold for 10 seconds while maintaining normal breathing. Perform these 10 times daily until it has become easy. These exercises can eventually be incorporated into other more progressive exercises so that eventually activation of these muscles becomes second nature.

If you have difficulty performing this exercise please talk to a Rebalance Physical Therapist as this may indicate an underlying issue.

Precautions: None

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