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Featured Exercise: Side Leg Raises


This exercise specifically targets the gluteus medius muscles. These muscles are important for both pelvic and hip stability and are often weak in people with hip pain.

Lying on your side on a mat, have one arm bent and resting underneath your head. Your other arm should be in front of your body, palm facing down on the mat. Your bottom leg should be bent at the hip and knee about 45 degrees. The top leg should be straight resting on top of the bottom leg.Once in this position, bring your top leg up off the mat to a height slightly higher then the side of your body. Your foot should be facing forward and in a neutral position. Hold for 2 seconds and return both legs together to the mat to complete one rep. You should feel this working on the outside of the gluteal region of your top leg. You should not feel this in the front of the hip. If so, then you should bring your top leg slightly back when you lift the leg up.

Repetitions: Perform only as many as you can maintain appropriate form, typically increasing to about 10 repetitions. Perform 2-3 sets.

Precaution: If you experience any pain with this exercise, then consult a physical therapist

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