Featured Exercise: Prone T Exercises

Prone T exercises are a simple and effective way to strengthen your upper back and help improve your posture.

First, carefully lie face down on the stability ball or you can perform this on a work out bench with both arms out to the side. Doing this exercise on a theraball will be more challenging.Keep your knees bent (if performing on a stability ball for balance or straight for a more challenging exercise, depending on your needs).Hold a weight in each hand if using just your arms is too simple. Once again, the amount of weight you should use depends on your own unique factors (such as your specific injury or personal pain level). Holding the weights, gently squeeze your shoulders towards one another to raise your arms out to your sides. Stop raising your arms once they form 90 degree angles with each of your sides. Keep your elbows straight.Your thumbs should be facing towards your head. Your body will now be in the shape of the letter t. Return to your original neutral position and repeat. You should not feel as though you are using your upper trapezius to perform this exercise. You should not experience any neck staring.

Performing 2-3 sets of 10 is a good start, but only do as many as you can while keeping excellent form.

Precautions: Consult the Rebalance team for instructions regarding the types of weights you should use and the positioning that is appropriate for you. Also, seek advice from our therapists if you have pain or injuries related to the back, neck or shoulders before performing this exercise.


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